Docking fender model built in C4D.


Covered drydock centre section detail.


Covered drydock skyligyht detail.


Covered drydock structural detail.

Cinema 4D is a professional modelling program with advanced texture and lighting capbiities and complex animation. I am currently modelling a covered drydock for a port project on the Great Norhtern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada. Shown below are are details of the centre section of the building which will house the drydock.


Iceberg Beer Ad.  Bottle and glass built in C4D.   Ice and text created in After Effects.

Church model from original concept by Rick Austin.

The jackpile dock model in the header animation was created in C4D and composited into video footage I took at Cremaillere Harbour south of St. Anthony Newfoundland with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.

In the Quidi Vidi Brewing Iceberg Beer ad I composited the 3D beer bottle model I built C4D into the text floating up under ice animation that I created in After Effects.

The church model is my own original concept built in Bryce and sold recently on CG Trader.