Aerbotika Ground School

Certificate of Completion, Aerobotika Academy UAV Ground School, Toronto, Fall of 2018. Fulfills Transport Canada TP 15263E (08/2014) Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air vehicle Systems UAV 25kg or less, operating within Visual Line of Sight.

ground school cert

Certificate of Proficiency in Radio issued by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Certificate Number 201810592. Issued 2018 09 24.

radio cert


Aerial Survey Crémaillère Harbour

Aerial survey of Crémaillère Harbour south of the Town of St. Anthony on the Great Northern Peninsula for the purpose of an Environmental Assessment and modelling.

Aerial Photography Icebergs St. Anthony

Aerial photography of ice harvesting operations near St. Anthony, Newfoundland for the purpose of marketing iceberg ice and icewater products.

Aerial Photography Misc.

Aerial photography of Tuckamore Lodge, Main Brook. Stills used in graphics for courtesy van.

Aerial photography of iceberg in Goose Cove as shown in examples on this page.


Iceberg at Bacon Cove, Newfoundland, May 17 2018.
For best results view in 2160. (Click on cog in Youtube window.)


Iceberg at Goose Cove, Newfoundland shot in Spring of 2018.
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